«Jerusalem», the new album from Swedish melodic metallers ASTRAL DOORS, will be mixed by Daniel Bergstrand, who has previously worked with BEHEMOTH, MESHUGGAH, DIMMU BORGIR, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD and SOILWORK, among others.
ASTRAL DOORS previously stated that the upcoming CD will «be something special. This time around we deal with religion, and all the shit it has brought to the world, once and for all. Our intention is that the album will be released in October in connection with a European tour.»
ASTRAL DOORS’ «Testament Of Rock – The Best Of Astral Doors» collection was released on November 19, 2010 via Metalville, the band and label pool launched by the Cologne, Germany-based company Flying Dolphin Entertainment Group UG. The compilation contains 14 classics picked by ASTRAL DOORS. The booklet features «a two-page history-lesson about ASTRAL DOORS; a summary of the first decade with ASTRAL DOORS» written by Erik Thompson of Sweden Rock Magazine.
Guitarist Martin Haglund left ASTRAL DOORS in April 2010 in order to focus on his family life. The band has opted to remain a five-piece, with founding member Joachim Nordlund handling all guitars himself.
ASTRAL DOORS released its fifth album, «Requiem Of Time» in Europe on January 29, 2010 and in North America on February 16, 2010 through Metalville.

Astral Doors

Daniel Bergstrand (BEHEMOTH, UNDERCROFT, EVERGREY, DIMMU BORGIR), mezclará el próximo trabajo de ASTRAL DOORS. Así lo confirmó la misma banda, que tituló este esfuerzo como «Jerusalem».

El CD «será algo especial», comentó el conjunto. «En esta oportunidad trataremos la religión y toda la mierda que ha traído al mundo, de una vez por todas». ASTRAL DOORS espera sacar el disco en octubre del 2011.

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